Introduction to Growing Your Own Mushrooms

Are you interested in growing mushrooms? Perhaps you are like a lot of other people with your knowledge of mushrooms being simply what sits on your grocers shelves either in the fresh produce section or in the canned food section. But there is much more to know about mushrooms.

Some mushrooms are edible (meaning they are not poisonous and some mushrooms are extremely poisonous and can cause death. If you plan to hunt for wild mushrooms for eating purposes this information could be vital to your well being.

As mushrooms have become more popular over the years more people have become interested in the cultivation of mushrooms.

This website will provide you with basic mushroom cultivation information, techniques, and other resources related to growing mushrooms.

Mushrooms have an important part in nutrition and mushrooms also have valuable medicinal properties. We dedicated this website along with the ebook to provide descriptive information regarding mushroom cultivation in a clear, easy to read, easy to follow, and understandable manner.

If you’d like to extend your learning beyond the basics, try our complete e-book guide, which goes beyond the basics to cover absolutely everything there is to know about growing your own mushrooms. Find Out More>

Welcome as you begin or enhance your journey into the world of mushroom cultivation!

Is it difficult to grow mushrooms?
Mushroom cultivation is best learned through experience, and having the right information to begin with. That’s why we’ve spent hours and hours of research and testing to provide you with all the information you’ll need – in once place.Starting with a Mushroom growing kit can be a great way to get some experience and be successful in your first attempt.  Cultivating with a kit is also an economical way to get started. Read more FAQs >

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