Mushroom Growing FAQ

How do I get started cultivating mushrooms?
Choose one of the easy to grow species such as oysters or button mushrooms.  A kit can be ordered from a reputable Spawn Producer which makes growing mushrooms relatively easy.  After you have had success with the kit you can move on to other types of mushroom cultivation.

Is it difficult to grow mushrooms?
Mushroom cultivation is best learned through experience, and having the right information to begin with, that’s why we’ve spent hours and hours of research and testing to provide you with all the information you’ll need – in once place.

Starting with a Mushroom growing kit can be a great way to get some experience and be successful in your first attempt.  Cultivating with a kit is also an economical way to get started.

Where can I get a kit?
A reputable mushroom spawn producer is the best choice when it comes to mushroom supplies including kits. There is a list of our trusted/reputable suppliers in the resource section of our e-book.  Most suppliers provide world wide service, for example, there are a number of Mushroom Kits on Amazon

What is the best growing medium or substrate to use?
Several factors have to be considered when choosing a substrate.  First you want to make sure the substrate you use will be a good match for the mushroom species you plan to cultivate.   The resource section of our ebook includes an easy table to match substrates with mushroom species.

Can I cultivate morel mushrooms?
Morel mushrooms are more difficult because of their unpredictability but some cultivators have accomplished this with some degree of success and there are also morel kits available for use.   This book includes a section about obtaining spores and cultivating morels that will be helpful for those interested in morel cultivation.

Do I need a grow light to cultivate mushrooms?
Mushrooms are not like green plants.   They do not need light for photosynthesis like green plants do.   The only time light is needed is for the cultivator to see when working with the mushrooms or harvesting.   Many growers even use flashlights for this process.

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